The Wagner Store

1 Out Lunch Privilege Pass


$100 Wagner Bucks

Wagner "FRIENDS" Hoodie


Redeem 200 Wagner Bucks


Wagner "FRIENDS" T-Shirt


Redeem 100 Wagner Bucks



24 Blocks Magic Speed Cubes


Redeem 10 Wagner Bucks


One Size Fits All Glove

Striped Glove


Weekly Front of the Lunch Line Pass - $10
Weekly Unlimited Library Pass - $50
Lunch with Our Mascot, Wolfie - $100


Library Lunch Game Party for 4 - $200

Advisory Game Party in the Library - $500

Advisory Yard Time for Full Period - $500

Advisory Basketball Game in the Gym - $500

Advisory Movie Party - $500


Lunch with Mr. Danishefsky - $100

Shrek Movie Party with Mr. Danishefsky and friends - $500

Lunch n' Paint/Draw  with Ms. Larson-  $100

STAR WARS and  Lunch with Mr. Hernandez  $500Watch a favorite STAR WARS TV show with a friend

XBOX and Lunch  with Mr. Hernandez  $500Play competitive XBOX games

Chat n chew en español with Señorita Roit-Eat lunch and practice your Spanish -$100

Chat and chew after school with Señorita Roit-Grab a snack in the neighborhood and practice your Spanish -$500

Lunch with Ms. Schnapper on Fridays  for 6th Graders - $100
Lunch with Ms. Schnapper on Fridays for 7th Graders - $100
Mario Kart with Mr. Fagan (bring your Nintendo Switch!)  $500
Shoot Hoops with Stephen Lemon during lunch - $100
Movie Party with Ms. Schnapper and 6 friends - $500
Lunch with Ms. Duplessis - $100
Lunch with Ms. Block for you and a friend Period 6- $100
Lunch and Games with Ms. Orozco for you and 3 friends Period 4- $200
Breakfast with Ms. Buck - During Advisory - $200
Play Games in the Computer  Lab with Ms. Elias and  5 friends at Lunch  - $200
TikTok  Dances with Ms. Schnapper & Ms. Elias  at Lunch - $100