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Ms. Marylyne Myrthil
Manhattan Youth After School

New Student Parent Orientation Summary. A 2 page doc.



For those of you who missed the "Meet and Greet Day"- Wagner's New Student Orientation, here are a few important Links/Information for you. Links are highlighted in red or blue below and underlined. .

  1. What will the day look like at Wagner Middle School?

  2. 6th Grade Important Contacts List

  3. Communications: Join our grade level List Serve to receive regular communications from Wagner Middle School and the PA via our school’s parent coordinator.

·         2019-2020 6th Grade Mailing List

·         2019-2020 7th Grade Mailing List

·         2019-2020 8th Grade Mailing List

  1. Survey: All families should fill out our new student survey. Entries can be edited after submission. *Note: The deadline for art elective preference notification in the survey, is Sunday, June 30th.

  1. School Supplies: School Supply Starter Kit & Teacher/Class Donation kit- Edukits

  2. Dress Code: Dress Code Information

  3. Additional Info: Wagner Dictionary

    • To search for a specific topic in the Wagner Dictionary, hit "Control" + "F" on your keyboard and type in the topic you would like to research. 

    • For a list of Wagner Dictionary Glossary Terms, click here

  4. Summer Reading/Writing Assignment

  5. Wagnerwear Orders: (Gym shirts, hoodies, bags, umbrellas, etc.), will be sold on the first day of school, in the auditorium by Wagner’s Parents Association.

  6. Main Office Quick Facts from Wagner’s Student Services Manager, Ms. Deane

  1. Medications & Accommodations: If your child need’s medicine during the day, please read. Link to MAF Forms

  2. Manhattan Youth – runs Wagner’s Free after-school programming (Registration will open August 12th, 12pm (noon)).   

  3. Bluecards:

    • Please fill out a Blue Card for your student. Create an account here:

    • The on-line blue card is the best way to update information about your student, so that we may get in touch with you immediately if needed.

    • Please note these two important items:

      1. When you create a Blue Card for you child, in Edit mode (click the arrow pointing to the right) there will be a big, blue button that says "SHARE THIS BLUECARD". Please click it and search for "Wagner Middle School," then click "share".

      2. Please list anyone who has permission to pick up your student as an Emergency Contact. If a nanny, babysitter, aunt, uncle, grandma, or friend of the family comes to check you child out of school, they MUST be listed as an Emergency Contact. Please note that in the event of a true Emergency, we will ALWAYS contact parents/guardians first.

    • Questions? Please don't hesitate to email

Principal's Corner


Dear Families,

We are currently on summer break. 

We wish you and your children a safe, restful and rejuvenating summer break. 

Remember to read as much as you can.  We look forward to your return in September!


Jennifer Rehn Losquadro



About Us

Students appreciate that they are challenged academically in an environment where teachers take the time to get to know them personally. They also like all the opportunities that are available to them in a big school setting including our extensive after‑school, band, and sports programs. Parents appreciate the diverse student population and dedicated staff, and they also value the accessibility of the administrators and teachers. Students and families work closely with an assistant principal and guidance counselor. In addition to a strong core curriculum, Wagner has one of the largest music programs in the city, providing approximately 500 students with instrumental classes.

Weather Station

Weather Underground PWS KNYNEWYO1024     Wagner Middle School is excited to announce that we now have a weather station operating on our roof that provides localized weather to our school. Connected over the internet through Weather Underground, we can get extremely local forecasts. Weather Underground is a global community of people connecting data from environmental sensors like weather stations and air quality monitors and provides the rich, hyperlocal data we want to power our passion for learning at Wagner. It is providing local weather data to NOAA for use by both meteorologists and climatologists, both amateur and professional alike. The weather station was procured through funds from Urban Advantage and parent donations. Kudos to Mr. Winterfield and Mr. J. Colon for all your hard work by not only bringing this incredible weather station to our school but also actually installing on the roof as well. We would also like to give a shout out to our favorite custodial engineer, Mr. McParland for all his help as well.

Respect For All

Wagner Middle School Respect For All Liaison:  Dean Kristin Flagg



Phone: (212) 535-8610

The NYCDOE is committed to maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment that is free from harassment, intimidation and/or bullying and from discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, citizenship/immigration status, religion, creed, national origin, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, or weight.  

The citywide Respect For All program was launched in 2007 to build the capacity of staff and students to actively promote a community of inclusion in each of our schools. The importance of promoting respect for diversity in our daily practice is vital to creating and sustaining an inclusive school climate and culture in each of our schools so that all students feel valued, supported and safe.  


Featured Announcements

  • New Student Orientation for Class of 2022!

    Wagner's new student orientation for the Class of 2022,  is called the "Meet and Greet" and is scheduled for June 6th. There will be 2 sessions, one at 2pm and one at 3:30pm. Parents do not need to sign up and are encouraged to bring their child with them. Both sessions are identical so parents should choose one session or the other.  Any questions, please email the parent coordinator, Sheila Gonzalez-Liffey at:


    Wagner Middle School

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Bulletin Board

 New Student Orientation: Class of 2022


Wagner's new student orientation for the Class of 2020,  also called the "Meet and Greet", is scheduled for June 6, 2019. There will be 2 sessions: one at 2pm and one at 3:30pm. Parents do not need to sign up to attend and are encouraged to bring their incoming 6th grade student with them. Both sessions are identical so parents should choose one session or the other, not both.   During the Meet and Greet, parents will have the opportunity to sign up to receive Wagner communications. Parents will also have the opportunity to express interest on behalf of their child, in either the Band elective or the Visual/Theater Arts elective.  Any questions, please email the parent coordinator, Sheila Gonzalez-Liffey at:

A Picture Perfect First Day Of School! 📸🍎🎒📚💯

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School is closed. We are now on Summer Break. For fall registration, summer reading, signing up for our email list, please scroll up as all of that information is located at the top of this web page. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer! We'll see you in September!