ARISTA @ Wagner



Wagner Middle School is proud to recognize students performing above standards and welcome them into ARISTA - The National Junior Honors Society. Students meeting the criteria listed below will be invited to interview for the Wagner Middle School chapter of ARISTA. Please know that induction into ARISTA is completed annually, thus all students (even those inducted in previous years) must meet the standards to be accepted into ARISTA.



Students must have a cumulative report card average of 90.0% or above for the first two trimesters. The cumulative average consists of all core subjects, not the overall, and does not show up on report cards.


Core Subjects include: ELA, Math, Science, SS




Students must complete a combination of in-school service hours and community service hours.


School service is any service done in the school building that does not occur during instructional time. Students can help a staff member before school, during lunch, or after school.


Students should ask a teacher or staff member they know if they need assistance with any tasks.


NOTE:  Throughout the school year, students will be given the opportunity to earn service credit by preparing homemade baked goods for the school bake sale. Students receive 1 hour for providing goods for 1 bake sale. Students may only earn credit for a maximum of 2 bake sales. Their other school service hours must be completed by assisting a staff member in the school building.


Community service is service done outside of the school building. It must be unpaid, and should be completed through a non-profit organization. If it is not completed through a non-profit organization, the service completed must clearly provide assistance or benefits to underserved members of the community.  Possible volunteer opportunities can be found on the back of this sheet.




Total Hrs

Minimum # of school/community service hours


10 hours

Min. 3 hrs each


20 hours

Min. 5 hrs each


30 hours

Min. 5 hrs each


In the chart above, the “Total Hrs” indicates the number of total hours of service that a student must complete to meet the requirements.

The “Minimum #” indicates the minimum number of hours of each kind of service (school or community) that must be completed.


For example: In 7th grade, students must complete 5 hours of in school service, 5 hours of community service, and then the remaining 10 hours can be of their choosing. They can decide to do 10 hours of each, 15 hours of school service + 5 hours of community service, or any other combination of hours, as long as they add up to at least 20 hours and they have at least 5 hours of each kind.



Students may not have any more than 10 combined absences/lateness as of April 10, 2020.



Students must exhibit proper school behavior. Any student who receives a student removal to the SAVE room at any time or who has not consistently followed school and classroom rules and whose parents have been contacted about these concerns is ineligible for ARISTA.



There is no application form to complete. When students are ready to apply for ARISTA in the spring, they will submit the following documents in the order listed below (top to bottom), and this will serve as their application.

  • Cover page with their name and class
  • A photocopy of their report card from Trimester 1 and Trimester 2
  • A photocopy of their attendance report from Trimester 1 and Trimester 2
  • In school service form form filled out accurately, neatly and signed
  • Outside community service form filled out accurately and neatly
  • Typed ARISTA essay
    • Students will receive prompts for this essay and can choose one to write about when it gets closer to the application date




Does my child need to sign up anywhere for ARISTA?

No. Your child is responsible for holding onto all of their logs and including them in their ARISTA application in the spring. Announcements will be made as the due date approaches.


How are the averages assessed for ARISTA requirements?

As ARISTA advisors, we look at each trimester SEPARATELY. We calculate the student’s average of their grades in ELA, Social Studies, Science and Math for Trimester 1 and Trimester 2. Both trimesters need to average out to a 90.0% or above to qualify for ARISTA academically.


What can my child do for in school service?

  1. Contact the Parent’s Association (PA) to ask them if they need helpers. They are often doing jobs such

as sorting, counting, etc., that would be perfect for student helpers.

  1. Thanksgiving Food Drive – This drive will be coming up soon. Students can earn 2 hours of

community service credit by bringing in canned/dry good donations (there will be a list of supplies

needed) as well as to write a 1 page essay about the importance of giving.

  1. PA Snack Sales – Every month, our PA hosts a bake sale. The best-selling items are cupcakes and

brownies. The students love them and they are easy to bake. Your student can earn an hour of

community service for bringing in a home-baked good. As a reminder, ARISTA is a STUDENT honor society. Since ARISTA is based on an honor system, we trust that the child is involved in all aspects of contributing to the bake sale.

The maximum amount of service hours that can be earned for the year, is 2 hours – for 2 different

bake sales.

  1. St. Jude’s Math-a-thon: St. Jude's Math-a-thon is a fundraiser for St. Jude’s pediatric hospital’s

cancer division Students do a little math, collect donations and help raise funds to cure pediatric cancer!

This fundraiser happens in January and participating students can earn 5 hours of community service.

  1. Parent Teacher Conferences – Please encourage your students to offer their services with their

teachers. Teachers may have you volunteer from 1 to 6 hours of community service. This must be

discussed with the teachers first and approved by them.

  1. Students can offer to do service hours for a staff member in the building. For example, they can help

their teachers after school to organize their shelves, put up or take down work from the bulletin

boards,sort, file, etc. Sometimes the main office or the parent coordinator, the AP’s or the Dean, can

use helpers at recess or after school. Encourage your children to ask and offer, because the children

that do, will always get volunteer hours accumulated quickly. Plus, they have become involved in

their community, which is the true point of service hours for ARISTA.


What are some ideas for my child to receive outside community service?

  1. Ronald McDonald Fun Run – Students can earn 5 hours of community service with the Fun Run. The Ronald McDonald House helps families who come to NYC for pediatric cancer treatment, to stay together in an affordable setting.
  2. Soup-kitchens – parents and children can do this together. Contact your local soup-kitchen to find

out how you can help.

  1. Food pantries, like Yorkville Common Pantry
  2. Shelters – parents and their children can do this together by helping to prepare the meals, serving

them, etc. Call your local shelters or do a search, to find out how you can help.

  1. Helping a school, church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or community house, etc., with their

Thanksgiving drive or delivery of items to families or people in need.

  1. Your former elementary school may have a fall or winter event where they would love to have

middle schoolers help out. Middle Schoolers make amazing helpers and have tons of energy to help your

local school, religious institution, community organization, etc., to help clean up after an event or set up,

serve, etc.

  1. Some of the local community parks have clean up days or events. If I am contacted by a group that is

doing a park cleanup day, I include this in my announcements. For example, Carl Schurz Park has many

events during the year, including their annual egg hunt, where our students are welcome to sign up to


  1. Volunteer for the New York Marathon – do some research, find out how you can help
  2. Volunteer for your former or current outside of Wagner, after-school club – contact them to find out

how you can help

  1. Volunteer with a group that puts care packages, letters, or candy together, for military personnel

who are stationed in foreign countries during the holidays, or for home-bound persons who could use a

lift. There are organizations out there for everything.

  1. Like animals? Ask your local shelter how your child can help. Maybe you can do it together?