ARISTA @ Wagner


Become a part of ARISTA – National Junior Honors Society

 Wagner Middle School is proud to recognize students performing above standards and welcome them into ARISTA – The National Junior Honors Society.  Students meeting the criteria listed below will be invited to interview for the Wagner Middle School chapter of ARISTA*.



Students must have a cumulative report card average of 90.0% or above for the first two trimesters. The cumulative average consists of all core subjects, not the overall, and does not show on report cards.


Students must complete a combination of school and community service hours.

School service is any service done in the school building that does not occur during instructional time. Students can help a staff member before school, during lunch, or after school. Students should ask a teacher or staff member they know if they need assistance with any tasks. Community service is service done outside of the school building, must be unpaid, and completed through an organization.

- 6th grade: 10 hours (minimum 3 of each)

- 7th grade: 20 hours (minimum 5 of each)

- 8th grade: 30 hours (minimum 5 of each)

All service must be completed by April 20th, 2018 to be considered.



Students can not have any more than 10 combined absences/lateness as of April 20st, 2018.



Students must receive an E or S for conduct in all  classes and complete an interview with a Wagner staff member.  Please see the ARISTA Bylaws for a more detailed description.


For more information on membership:

Chris Pavlou or Emily Yodowitz


*Please know induction into ARISTA is completed annually, thus all students (even those inducted in previous years) must meet the standards to be accepted into ARISTA.



 Arista Community Service Log 2017-2018.pdf 

 Arista School Service Log 2017-2018.pdf