Ms. Deane

Student Services Manager

Wagner Middle School / MS167

220 East 76th Street

New York, NY  10021

call: 212-535-8610

fax: 212-472-9385


Greetings from the Office of the Registrar

1. Please enter your new address here to see if you live in Wagner's zone. We are a "zoned" school. Our zone is roughly 59th Street to 96th Street, from Central Park to the East River.
2. If Wagner appears in the box as your zoned school, and once you've gathered all necessary items from the checklist below, I will be able to complete registration.
All middle school kids living in our zone may come to Wagner, provided they have everything on the Registration Checklist, and are up-to-date with required immunizations.
3. Please gather all items needed on the checklist below. All required items are needed to register:

--Required: Child’s birth certificate or passport

--Required:  Complete imunization records

--Required: Last report card the student received


--Required: Proof of addressverified by any (and only) two of the following, which must include the parent(s) names, address, and be dated within the past 60 days


  • A lease agreement, deed or mortgage statement for the residence
  • A residential utility bill (gas or electric) in the resident’s name issued by a utility company (e.g., National Grid or Con Edison)
  • A bill for cable television services provided to the residence; must include the name of the parent and the address of the residence
  • Documentation on letterhead from a federal, state, or local government agency, including the IRS or the City Housing Authority
  • A current property tax bill for the residence
  • A water bill for the residence dated
  • Rent receipt which includes the address of the residence
  • State, city, or other government issued identification (including an IDNYC card), which has not expired and includes the address of residence
  • Income tax form for the last calendar year
  • Official NYS Driver’s License or learner’s permit which has not expired
  • Official payroll documentation from an employer issued within the past 60 days such as a pay stub with home address, a form submitted for tax withholding purposes or payroll receipt (a letter on the employer’s letterhead is not adequate); must include home address
  • Voter registration documents, which include the name of the parent and the address of residence
  • Evidence of custody of the child, including but not limited to judicial custody orders or guardianship papers documents issued within the past 60 days with name of child and address of residence.
--Required only if this applies to your student: A copy of the student's IEP or 504 learning plan.

4. Click here for a list of required immunizations for your child to attend school here. Please take this list to your doctor to coordinate a schedule to receive all needed shots before registration. Please bring your child's immunization records to registration.

5. Make sure your child's doctor (any US doctor) fills out this health form. It is required to be on file for all students in NYC public schools.
If Wagner is not your Zoned School, or if you have a Special Situation, or if you have further questions, please email the Family Welcome Center:
Once you have all required items ready, please email Ms. Deane at to set up an appointment.
Thanks, and we look forward to welcoming your students to our Wagner community.

Current Student Info

Hello Wagner Families. As a reminder, please do not drop off items for your child during the school day. We will not accept homework, lunches, gym clothes, etc in the main office. We do not want to disrupt class learning, and we want middle school students to be responsible for having everything they need for school.

Here are some frequently asked questions below:

School hours are 8:30 am - 2:50 pm.   This is the Wagner Bell Schedule 2021-2022

Children may not be checked out of school during their lunch period.

6th grade lunch: Period 4, 10:45a-11:30a

7th grade lunch: Period 5, 11:30a-12:15p

8th grade lunch: Period 6, 12:15p-1p

Does your child...

... need a letter confirming enrollment at Wagner? Have your child come see Ms. Deane in the main office.

... need a transcript or report card printed? Have your child come see Ms. Deane in the main office.

... need records sent to a new or private school? Have your child come see Ms. Deane in the main office.

... need a new Metro Card? Have your child come see Ms. Deane in the main office.

... have a question about their attendance record? Have your child come see Ms. Deane in the main office.

... have an immunization record to turn in? Have your child come see Ms. Deane in the main office.

... need to update an address, phone number, or email?

Parents: Please make a copy of one of the following:

an electric bill
the front page of your lease
a tax bill
a letter from a city, state, or federal agency displaying your name and your new address

Feel free to cross out all dollar amounts; I just need to see your names and address.

Have your child write the child's name, OSIS number, and class number on it, stating that this is an address change, and then have your child drop it off with Ms. Deane in the main office.

... have all vaccines required for school?"

New shots required for middle school are:
The Tdap shot is required when your student turns 11.
The MenACWY shot is required before your student starts 7th grade.

Please plan ahead to avoid letters being sent home. The Department of Health is very strict about students receiving vaccines on time, so please be prompt with immunizations.

Here is a list of all required vaccines needed for middle school:
DTaP: 3 doses
Tdap: 1 dose at age 11
IPV/OPV (Polio): 4 doses
MMR: 2 doses
Hep B: 3 doses
Varicella (Chickenpox): 2 doses
MenACWY: 1 dose for 7th and 8th graders

If your child isn't immunized because of a medical condition, please have your child's doctor fill out this form, and return it to Ms. Deane.

Questions? Please email Ms. Deane:

I look forward to meeting your child soon and helping any way I can. Thank you.


Requesting Transcripts: 
If you are an outside school who needs transcripts or school records from one of our former students, please email Ms. Deane:

Enrollment Confirmation: 
Do you need to confirm that one of your former students is currently attending school at Wagner?
Please email Ms. Deane at

Prospective Students

Are you moving to NYC and would like for your child to attend Wagner? We are a zoned school, meaning that if you live in our zone, you may attend school here. Our zone is roughly 59th Street to 96th Street, from Central Park to the East River. Please check your address here to find your zoned school:
Here is the list of items required for registration.  Checklist for Parents
If Wagner is your zoned Middle School, and you would like to register here, please email Ms. Deane at to set up an appointment.