The Wagner School Store will provide more frequent ways for students to use their gold cards. The school store will sell privileges and items to students on Wednesday mornings before school. The school store is a great opportunity for students to learn financial literacy and the importance of saving up for something important.  Additionally, we will be making a gradual transition from Gold Cards to Wagner Bucks.  The Wagner Mint has begun by printing $25 Wagner Bucks that will be given for whole class rewards so that students can save these or use them to purchase a one-time out lunch slip.  Gold cards from this year and last year will still be accepted at the school store while the economy is transitioning.


We need your help!! We are working to obtain items to sell at the store.  Any donation will be greatly appreciated! 

The following are some of the hot items that kids really want:

  • Squishies
  • V-bucks
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • Dunkin and Starbucks Giftcards
  • Colorful Markers, Pens, Pencils
  • Wolf Ears
  • Plush Wolf Key Chains
  • Sports Equipment
  • Pop Sockets

Price List


$1 Wagner Buck$

 $1 Wagner Buck 

$25 Wagner Buck$

 $25 Wagner Buck