Type To Learn

We will be using Type to Learn for keyboarding instruction at Wagner Middle School. Every  Wagner student has their own account that we suggest you utilize often to improve your skills. Type to Learn wraps keyboarding lessons into an intriguing world of adventure and information, with instructional modules and exciting typing activities and games to reinforce keyboarding skills. Type to Learn is in the cloud and allows students to practice from anywhere they have a current web browser and an internet connection.

To Launch the Type to Learn Adventure, please follow these easy steps :

 1. Go to www.typetolearn.com

 2. Enter your account information

Account Code: 21516A

Username: Your OSIS #


3. Select Launch Type to Learn

*Please email Ms. Elias  Jelias2@schools.nyc.gov if you forgot your password. 


Click here to log in to Type To Learn: